Joy Bauer & Top 5 Health Lists:The Doctors August 10 2012 Preview


The Doctors August 10 2012 Preview

It may seem like May was a long time ago, but The Doctors August 10 2012 episode is taking you back in time by revisiting the show’s Cinco De Mayo episode. Get ready for the best lists about your health. The Doctors team is counting down the top five of everything. Are you tired and worn down all the time? The Doctors are counting off five reasons this could be the case, and they seem weirdly proud of the fact that none of them are PMS.

Top 5 Lists: The Doctors August 10 2012 Preview

The Doctors August 10 2012 are counting down top 5 lists about health, pre-diabetes, wellness & diet tips.


Other lists coming up in this episode include the Biggest Health Rules Women Should Never Break. Are you making mistakes without realizing it that could be adding up to a health disaster? OB/GYN Dr Lisa Masterson will warn women about habits that could make them infertile.

The Doctors recently talked about Fat Free Food Myths. Coming up, they will reveal five Health Foods Making You Fat. Learn why what you think you’re eating for the right reasons could be backfiring on you.

The Drs Preview: Joy Bauer Nutrition & Weight Loss Advice

The Doctors are revealing some of their best nutrition tips with experts like Joy Bauer, whom you probably know from Kathie Lee & Hoda’s Joy Fit Club. She is sharing five of her top secrets. Plus, the team will count down more diet ideas and share advice for the condition of Pre-Diabetes.


A past guest named Leslie will share her stunning transformation with The Doctors audience, revealing how she lost 100 pounds, and why she thinks anyone can do what she has done. Plus, get some quick tips to start your morning off right with a hand checklist from Dr Jim Sears. It’s all packed into a festive episode of The Doctors August 10 2012.

All this, and The Doctors wearing sombreros, coming up on The Doctors August 10 2012 episode. That’s DVR worthy in itself, because you know Dr Travis Stork is visibly uncomfortable when made to wear any type of costume.

If you can’t set the DVR, be sure to get the Recapo rundown of all the lists featured in this episode.


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