How to Understand the Opposite Sex: The Doctors August 23 Preview


The Doctors August 23 2012: How to Understand the Opposite Sex

We’ve all heard that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and most of us have had more than our fair share of troubles in trying to understand the opposite sex. But is there any way to make it even a little bit easier? Can we really try to understand each other– without wanting to tear out our hair?  The Doctors are offering up answers to some of your best questions  regarding gender on August 23, a show all about understanding the opposite sex.

Male vs Female The Doctors August 23

The Doctors August 23 will attempt to answer your best questions on the opposite sex.


The Doctors: ‘Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?’ and Other Common Questions

Is honesty always the best policy when a woman asks “does this outfit make me look fat?” Also, why do men seem to have selective hearing, and are women really worse at driving than men? Get answers to these common gender questions from The Doctors on August 23.

The Doctors: Male vs. Female Brain Scan

Brain imaging specialist, psychiatrist, and best-selling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, Dr. Daniel Amen, will be taking a look at both of  the brains of a couple who want to know why they think and act so differently. A new, cutting-edge 3D brain scan will take a look at the function of the brain, including which areas are high and low in activity. The results could give some much-desired insight into why men and women can have different responses to the same exact things.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to better understand your significant other or just men and women in general, the Doctors have got you covered. The Doctors August 23 will provide answers and insight to all of your questions on the opposite sex, so don’t miss a thing!



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