How to Know When Surgery is Required: The Doctors August 29 Preview


The Doctors: Headlines with Jessica Alba

The beautiful Jessica Alba is an actress, wife, and mother of two. On The Doctors August 29, Jessica will sit down for some hot topics with the Doctors, such as: are chocolate lovers thinner? and, should a child ever go on a diet?  Jessica will also show how you can create a non-toxic environment for your family, plus the shocking research that changed her life.

The Doctors: Skin Solutions and The Grin Lift Review

Jessica Alba: The Doctors August 29 2012 Preview

Actress Jessica Alba will share information on how to raise your children in a non-toxic environment on The Doctors August 29. (Featureflash /


On The Doctors August 29, we’ll meet Deb, a happy person who wants to change her unhappy smile. Cosmetic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn will show how Deb can achieve great results with The Grin Lift, a small surgical procedure.

If you’re not looking to head under the knife, Dr Ordon will be joined by dermatological experts Dr Drew Ordon, Dr Ava Shamban, Dr Keith Marcus and Dr Andrew Klapper, to discuss some non-surgical alternatives to the problem of aging skin.

The Doctors: Canine Stem Cell Therapy

Also on The Doctors August 29 we’ll hear the incredible story of Red the Labrador Retriever. Red is a rescue dog who worked at the Pentagon after the attacks of September 11, and because of her tough job and lifetime of service, Red has developed severe spinal arthritis.


Veterinarian Doctor John Herrity has worked on Red, attempting to return her mobility with canine stem cell therapy. Tune in to hear about Red’s amazing results!

The Doctors: Dr Ordon’s Knee Surgery and Male vs. Female Body Odor

Finally, The Doctors will take a look at a recent surgery that Dr Ordon underwent for his knee, plus, find out if males are truly stinkier than females!

For information on surgeries, procedures, and living a cleaner, healthier (and less smelly) lifestyle, don’t miss The Doctors August 29.


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