How Healthy Are Guinness Record Holders? The Doctors September 21 2012


The Doctors September 21 2012

The Doctors September 21 2012 episode will feature Guinness Book of World Records holders. The 2013 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records was released on September 11 2012. I’m sure this episode will be filled with lots of people with wacky talents!

The Doctors: Girl Can Eat 53 Tacos, Man Swallows Swords

One girl that will be on the show weights under 100 pounds and can eat 53 tacos at a time. This is pretty impressive, and kind of makes me want to go get some Taco Bell. One time I ate over 30 wings in one sitting…I wonder if there are any wing eating contests I could enter?


The Doctors September 21 2012: Guinness Book of World Records Holders - How Healthy Are They?

The September 21 2012 episode of The Doctors will feature Guinness Book of World Records holders from the recently released 2013 edition, including a girl who weights less than 100 pounds but can eat 53 tacos.

Another man can swallow swords and drill through his nose. That is just disturbing. Swallowing a sword is weird enough, and probably not that healthy for you, but putting a drill down your nasal passage makes me downright uncomfortable. Maybe we should all do this man a favor and come up with some new (safer) talents for him…does anyone have any suggestions?

The Doctors: Have Their Talents Harmed Their Bodies?

The Doctors know that these people have broken world records, but they want to know how broken down their bodies are. I’m sure Mr. Drill in the Nose isn’t in too good of shape. The taco girl must have a crazy metabolism to be able to eat that many tacos and still weight under 100 pounds. Or she has a hollow leg.


I’m hoping that they have a fire breather or two on Friday’s show – those flames can’t be too good for you! What are you hoping to see? Did you purchase the 2013 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records?


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