Exclusive Pregnant Man Update: The Doctors August 7 2012 Preview


The Doctors August 7 2012

Pregnant Man Update: The Doctors August 7 2012 Preview

The Doctors August 7 2012 episode features an exclusive update on the pregnant man's health saga.

This week began with the heartbreaking story of a mother who induced labor so her dying husband could meet their newborn daughter. The Doctors August 7 2012 show features another high profile, exclusive story. You may remember Thomas Beatie as the first Pregnant Man, who made a splash a few years ago with the news that he was pregnant. The media attention even landed him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Exclusive Pregnant Man Update

You would think that one media frenzy would be enough for a lifetime. But Thomas Beatie’s journey continues. Now there is yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of the pregnant man. He decided to take The Doctors cameras along with him on the latest step of his personal journey. Take an intimate look at how his life has changed.

Also on The Doctors August 7 2012 show, find out why Thomas’s wife is no longer by his side. Get the update on their family life today, and how their daughter, who made medical history, is doing today. The Doctors have the exclusive update on a story that made headlines worldwide.

The Drs: Heroin Addiction Relapse & Update

Another familiar face for The Doctors viewers is that of a young mother named Nicole. She was struggling to keep her life together in the face of a debilitating addiction to Heroin. She met a team of intervention specialists on a previous episode of The Doctors, but if you have been wondering how her treatment went, don’t miss The Doctors August 7 2012 episode.


Get an update on Nicole’s progress and find out what her life is like today. Also, see what the intervention experts have to say about their experiences working with Nicole and other addicts. Can The Doctors team and intervention experts make a dent in the addiction statistics that are plaguing America? Is there hope for Nicole? Check out The Doctors August 7 2012 for another exclusive story.


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