Dying Father Meets Newborn: The Doctors August 6 2012 Preview


The Doctors August 6 2012 Preview

How far would you go to grant a loved one his dying wish? One woman will share her answer to that question on The Doctors August 6 2012 show. When she learned that her husband’s life was running out, she made the difficult decision to induce labor so he could meet their baby before he died.

Dying Man's Newborn: The Doctors August 6 2012 Preview

The Doctors August 6 2012 will feature the story of a dying man's chance to meet his newborn baby.


That woman shared her story with The Doctors team, and the show will reveal a heartwarming update on the family now during The Doctors August 6 2012 episode. Set your DVR and get your week started off right with this touching tale. Can’t see the show on TV? Then don’t miss the recaps on Recapo, so you can find out how the family is doing now.

The Drs: Unhealthy Habits

We may be doing things we think are in line with health benefits and positive diet outcomes. But could your so-called health knowledge really be setting you back? The Doctors will explore Healthy Habits That Could Be Killing You, coming up on the Monday show, airing on The Doctors August 6 2012.

Learn about the big misunderstanding regarding fat free foods that could change the way you shop for yourself or your family. You aren’t going to want to miss this illuminating hour. Also, eating fish offers many health benefits, but do you know whether you are getting too much Mercury in your diet? The Doctors will explore this mealtime warning.


The Doctors: Red Eyes & Incontinence

The Doctors will also tackle some common health questions from viewers. What should you do about red eyes, when they are happening all the time? Should you be concerned about urinary incontinence, and how can it be treated? You may be alarmed to find out what could be causing this condition. These are just a few of the subjects coming up on the show.

Also, The Doctors will explain what you should know about the dangers of household cleaning products. And what does the team have to say about bottled water? Find out on The Doctors August 6 2012 episode.


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