Drs: Struck By Lightning + Stroke Warning Signs & Blood Clot Removal


The Doctors September 23 2014 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from this episode:

The Doctors will hear the story of how one woman survived being struck by lightning on September 23. Then, they will share the warning signs you need to be aware of when it comes to detecting a stroke, and then talk about the new surgery available to those needing blood clots removed from their brain.

The Doctors September 23 2014 Preview

The Doctors will sit down with a woman who was struck by lightning and then later will share the warning signs of a stroke. Plus, a new surgery is available for those needing blood clots removed from their brain. (Lightspring / Shutterstock.com)

The Drs TV: Woman Struck By Lightning

The Doctors will sit down with a woman who was struck by lightning, who will explain how she survived to tell her story.

If you Google “odds of getting struck by lightning” sources will tell you your chances are anywhere from 1 in 700,000 to 1 in 300,000. Either way, it’s clearly not a “one in a million” chance, and there’s a good possibility you know or at least have heard of someone who has gotten struck by lightning. If not, then September 23 will be the day that you do.

The woman will share her story and possibly even explain how she could have avoided it. If that’s even possible!

The Doctors: Stroke Warning Signs

The Doctors will then share with their viewers how to spot the warning signs of a stroke. Do you know what to look for?

There are commercials playing on TV all the time in my household that explain that when it comes to a stroke, you should always remember to think FAST. FAST stands for Face Arms Speech and Time because the first three things are what can be effected during a stroke and time means that you should call 911 immediately. Is FAST what The Doctors will be talking about or is there a whole new group of signs to look out for?

We’ll just have to tune in on September 23 to find out!

The Drs TV: Brain Blood Clot Removal

The Doctors will show and discuss a new, minimally invasive surgery to remove blood clots from the brain. There’s always a new advancement in technology, and when it comes to saving people’s lives, it’s just that much more amazing.

Be sure to watch on September 23 as The Doctors talk about this incredible procedure that could turn someone’s life around.

The Doctors: Everyday Habits Harming Your Skin

Finally, The Doctors will share some surprising every day habits that could have harmful effects on your skin. Are you making these common skin care mistakes?


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