The Drs: Pregnant After Vasectomy + Groundbreaking Scoliosis Surgery


The Doctors October 3 2014 Preview

The Doctors will talk to a couple who got pregnant, despite the man having undergone a vasectomy, on October 3. Then, they’ll talk about the groundbreaking surgery able to correct severe scoliosis.

The Drs: Pregnant After Vasectomy + Groundbreaking Scoliosis Surgery

The Doctors will talk with a couple who got pregnant despite a vasectomy, and then discuss the groundbreaking surgery for those suffering from scoliosis. (Anthony Ricci /


The Drs TV: Pregnant After Vasectomy

The Doctors will sit down with the couple who was very surprised to find out they were pregnant after the woman’s husband underwent a vasectomy. The Doctors will explain why those that think a vasectomy is a “surefire solution to prevent pregnancy” may be a bit mistaken. They’ll explain how the “permanent birth control procedure” could potentially fail to do what many intended for it to do.

Be sure to tune in on October 3 to find out how this reportedly permanent procedure could have some possible kinks in it.

The Doctors: Groundbreaking Scoliosis Surgery

The Doctor will then take a closer look at a cutting-edge surgery available to those wanting to correct their scoliosis. Scoliosis involves severe curvature of the spine.


A severe curve of the spine can really hinder someone’s every day life, and to know they could find relief after just one surgery, could really turn someone’s life around.  Just wait until you hear what makes this surgery so amazing, and why it’s being called “groundbreaking.”

The Drs TV: Chronic Allergy Symptoms

The Doctors will also reveal the surprising reason one woman has been experiencing chronic allergy symptoms, and give her the advice she’s been looking for to find relief. For those that suffer from allergy symptoms, you’ll want to be listening closely as The Doctors do a little investigating themselves in order to help a problem that many people face.

My son is almost seven months old and already suffers from occasional allergy symptoms. You can bet I’ll be all ears to learn how I could potentially help him to feel better or even prevent those allergy symptoms, whether it’s not or in the future.


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