Drs: Overcoming Food Addiction + Healthy Late-Night Snacking


The Doctors April 30 2015 Preview

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On Thursday, April 30, The Doctors will team up with a former The Biggest Loser finalist to help a severely obese teenager and his overweight family overcome their addiction to food. Then, The Doctors will share what healthy food swaps you can make to avoid unhealthy late-night snacking.


Drs: Overcoming Food Addiction + Healthy Late-Night Snacking

The Doctors will help a family overcome food addiction and then share their tips for healthier late-night snacking. (Poznyakov / Shutterstock)

The Drs: Obese Teen & Overweight Family With Food Addiction

The Doctors will work with Joe Ostaszewski, a former finalist on The Biggest Loser, in order to help a teenager who is quite possibly the “heaviest teenager in America.” They are hoping to help the unhappy, unhealthy teen, as well as his overweight family, overcome their addictions to food.

Food addiction is a very real thing and a major contributing factor to the obesity epidemic. This teenager and his family practically have to re-learn how to cook and eat, in order to improve their health. Can Joe and The Doctors help this family before it’s too late? Will all members of the family be willing to make the necessary changes to turn their lives around?


The Drs: Healthy Late-Night Snacking

Then, The Doctors will share some healthy swaps you can make to fix the mistakes you’re making when it comes to late-night snacking. If you just have to have something to much on in the hours before bed, The Doctors will explain how you can change your habits to keep from wrecking your health goals.

Do you like to enjoy some snacks after dinner? What’s your go-to late night snack? Would you be open to trying healthier snacks?

The Drs: HIV-Prevention Drug Debate

Finally, The Doctors will discuss a controversial drug created to prevent HIV. The drug seems like a great way to protect people, but critics argue that it could promote unsafe and unprotected sex. Do you think this drug is necessary or will it just create more problems?


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