The Drs: Mom Sells Her Breast Milk + Dangers Of Teeth Grinding


The Doctors January 23 2015 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from this episode:

The Doctors will kick off their Friday, January 23 episode with their Friday News Feed and the latest breaking health news. One of the hot topics will be the mother who actually makes bank selling her own breast milk, and whether it’s truly safe for other babies to consume. Later in the show The Doctors will discuss the dangers of grinding your teeth and why it can lead to a dental disaster.


The Drs: Mom Sells Her Breast Milk + Dangers Of Teeth Grinding

The Doctors will take a closer look at how one woman is making money selling her breast milk. (jcjgphotography /

The Drs: Woman Gets Revenge On Bully

The Doctors will share the woman who got revenge on a bully, which is a pretty vague preview if you ask me! There are many ways to get revenge on those who cause you emotional and possibly even physical harm. So did she get revenge in a physical way that got her into trouble? Or did she get revenge in the sweetest way by taking the high road and bettering herself to “come out on top” in a sense? We’ll just have to tune in to The Doctors on Friday January 23 to find out!

The Drs: Selling Your Own Breast Milk

The Doctors will then talk about the mother who is selling her own breast milk and apparently making bank. The Doctors will discuss whether her milk is safe for other babies to consume, and at the end of the discussion, all breastfeeding mothers out there just may ask themselves, “why didn’t I think of that?”


The Drs: Dangers Of Teeth Grinding

The Doctors will also share the extreme effects of grinding your teeth. They’ll show how the compulsive habit completely wreaked havoc on a woman’s oral health, and what she’s having to do to fix her teeth.

The Drs: DIY Tattoo Warning

Finally, The Doctors will talk about the shocking reality of do-it-yourself tattoos. Yes, it’s a real thing, and The Doctors will make you think twice before considering at-home inking.


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