The Drs: Jennifer Grey Neck Pain + Trying To Save Obese Son


The Doctors January 29 2015 Preview

The Doctors will speak with actress Jennifer Grey about the neck pain that she’s struggled with for years after being in a car accident. The Doctors will then try to help a mom who is desperate to save her morbidly obese son.

The Drs: Jennifer Grey Neck Pain + Trying To Save Obese Child

The Doctors will sit down with Jennifer Grey to discuss the neck pain that she’s been living with for decades, and then they’ll try to help a mom desperate to save her morbidly obese son. (Helga Esteb /


The Drs: Jennifer Grey Chronic Neck Pain

Jennifer Grey will join The Doctors on January 29 to open up about her battle with debilitating neck pain that has lasted for decades. The pain was originally caused by a car accident, but has lingered for far too long. She’s hoping The Doctors will have some sort of solution for the pain that makes every day simple tasks so much harder. Will The Doctors have the solution Jennifer has been desperate for?

The Drs: Mom Desperate To Save Obese Son

The Doctors will also talk to a mom is desperate to save her son who is now 600 pounds. The main question The Doctors, as well as the rest of us, are wondering, is how in the world did her son even reach 600 pounds?

Plus, the mom can want help for her son all she wants, but if he’s not willing to change, than what good is it? Does he realize how dangerous his condition has become, and is he ready to change his life around? We’ll find out when The Doctors sit down with the mother and son on Thursday January 29.


The Drs: Healthy Way To Satisfy Your Cravings

Plus, The Doctors will welcomed registered dietitian Keri Glassman to their show so that she can share her secrets to satisfying even your worst cravings, without wrecking your diet. Whether you’re practically desperate for chocolate or something crunchy to snack on, Keri has just the tricks you need to overcome the craving and stay on track with your goals.


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