Drs: Does IVF Increase Autism Risk? + Easy At-Home Exercises


The Doctors May 15, 2015 Preview

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On Friday, May 15, The Doctors will discuss the shocking new research that claims IVF could raise the risk of autism and what it means for couples trying to have a baby. Then, fitness expert Lauren Gleisberg will show viewers how they can tone their “problem zone” with easy, at-home exercises.


Drs: Does IVF Increase Autism Risk? + Easy At-Home Exercises

Could IVF increase the risk of Autism? New research says it’s possible, and The Doctors are ready to discuss the findings. (Andrii Kondiuk / Shutterstock.com)

The Drs: IVF & Increased Risk Of Autism?

The Doctors are ready to talk about the controversial, groundbreaking, and incredibly frightening new research that says IVF could elevate the risk of autism. Autism is a disorder that frightens a lot of parents, and there’s been a lot of debate over what can cause the disorder to occur in young children. Could IVF really be a factor?

The Doctors want all future parents to be aware of any risks that could pop up during the IVF process, which is why they will take a closer look at this research and it’s shocking findings.


The Drs: Smile Makeover After Battling Chronic Pain

The Doctors will then reveal the results of an incredible smile makeover that one woman received after the medicine she was taking for her chronic pain caused her teeth to gradually decay. As if dealing with chronic pain isn’t hard enough, this woman was doing exactly what she needed to do in order to manage her pain, but yet experienced negative side effects. That’s why The Doctors were so touched by this woman’s story and knew they had to do whatever they could to help.

The Drs: At-Home Exercises

The Doctors will also welcome fitness expert Lauren Gleisberg to their show to share her at-home exercises for toning your problem zones. Whether you want slimmer, more toned thighs, a shapely booty, or fit, toned arms, Lauren has the exercise for you. Even better, you don’t have to leave your house to get fit!

What’s your trouble zone that you would like to focus on in terms of exercise?


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