The Drs: Dads In Delivery Room + Back Pain Relief & Fall Fashion


The Doctors October 7 2014 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from this episode:

The Doctors will discuss whether it’s a good idea for dads to be in the delivery room, and then surprise one viewer with relief for her chronic back pain. Then, they’ll share some tricks for finding the perfect additions to your fall wardrobe.


The Drs: Dads In Delivery Room + Back Pain Relief & Fall Fashion

The Doctors will discuss dads in the delivery room and then surprise one woman with relief for her chronic back pain. Then, they’ll share tips and tricks for nailing this season’s fall fashion trends. (Pressmaster /

The Doctors: Dads In The Delivery Room

The Doctors will kick off the show talking about something that, to be honest, I had no idea was even up for debate! Dad’s in the delivery room: a great bonding experience or just a really bad idea? The Doctors will discuss the topic and weigh in with opinions of their own.

It will definitely be interesting to see what The Doctors have to say about the issue, given that more often than not they see it from a whole different perspective. As for me, I couldn’t imagine my son being born without his father there to see it. Perhaps they’ll discuss dads with high anxiety or a weak stomach, but whatever the case, it’s hard to imagine a dad not wanting to be in the delivery room. But everyone is different, so tune in to The Doctors to see what they think about whether or not dads belong in the delivery room.


The Drs TV: Chronic Back Pain Relief

The Doctors will then have a life-changing surprise for a woman suffering from extreme back pain. Chronic pain makes life so much harder, especially when you’re dealing with chronic back pain. One woman has tried what seems like everything to alleviate her back pain, and The Doctors will surprise her with a way that she can finally find relief.

The Doctors: Flattering Fall Fashion Trends

The Doctors will also share some fashion trends for fall that will have you “looking slimmer, sexier, and more stylish.” If you ask me, I say fall is my favorite season when it comes to fashion. I love being able to wear boots, jeans, sweaters, and scarves without really having to bundle up like you do in the winter. The Doctors will share some great tips for what you should be wearing to flatter your body and boost your confidence. It’s a segment you certainly don’t want to miss.


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