Drs: Cystic Fibrosis + Mom Helps Deliver Twins Via C-Section


The Doctors March 2 2015 Preview

On Monday, March 2 The Doctors will talk to a 23-year-old woman who is battling cystic fibrosis and went viral after she turned to social media to reveal her struggles. The Doctors will also talk to a mom who assisted in the C-section of her own twins.

Drs: Cystic Fibrosis + Mom Helps Deliver Twins Via C-Section

The Doctors will hear from a woman who turned to social media to open up about her cystic fibrosis. Then, the mother who assisted in the C-section of her own twins. (arosoft / Shutterstock)


The Drs: Battling Cystic Fibrosis

The Doctors will sit down with a courageous 23-year-old woman who made a video talking about her battle with cystic fibrosis, and then posted it to social media. The video went viral, aiding in the discussion about the condition not many people know about.

The Doctors want to know what made her turn to social media in the first place and what she’s trying to accomplish overall.

The Drs: Mom Helps In Twins’ C-Section

The Doctors talked to a mom who helped in the C-section delivery of her own twins. If you’re like me, you’re first wondering how it was even possible, but what The Doctors really want to know is more about how it was done.


In a normal C-section, the mom’s view is completely blocked to where she can’t even see the actual delivery of her baby unless she uses a mirror. But in this case the mom not only wanted to see what was going on, but she wanted to help as well.

The Drs: Child Abuse For Slamming On The Brakes

The Doctors will then share the story of a mom who was charged with child abuse after slamming on the brakes with her children in the car. They will share an actual image of the cracked window to show just how forcefully the car came to a stop. Was it a simple lesson taken too far or was it done on purpose? It’s a story that will turn into heated discussion for The Doctors.


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