The Drs: Child’s Huge Hands + Chronic Hip Pain Relief & Health News


The Doctors September 26 2014 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from this episode:

The Doctors will kick off their Friday September 26 show by sharing some breaking health news that you need to know. Then, they will discuss the rare condition that caused one child’s hands to grow to an extreme size. They will also share a way for those suffering from chronic hip pain to find relief, and then share a surgery-free way to completely revamp the way you look.

The Drs: Child's Huge Hands + Chronic Hip Pain Relief & Health News

The Doctors will share breaking health news and then discuss the rare condition causing one child’s hands to grow to an extreme size. Plus, relief for those suffering from chronic hip pain.
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The Drs TV: Breaking Health News

Every Friday The Doctors share breaking health news that you need to be aware of, and this Friday September 26 is no different. The past few Fridays The Doctors have discussed the Ebola virus as well as the enterovirus. Both are still prominent topics in the medical world, so I wouldn’t at all be surprised if The Doctors discuss the two viruses yet again.

The enterovirus recently spread to more states, including California, but medical personnel have reported that it should be slowing down. So what’s the deal? Plus, The Doctors recently discussed the search for convalescent serum on the black market for those fearing the Ebola virus. Is this even more of an issue just a few days later?

The Doctors: Child’s Gigantic Hands

The Doctors will discuss a rare condition causing an extreme overgrowth of one child’s hands. The picture within itself is shocking enough, but wait until you hear the story of the poor child who’s life has been a major struggle due to his difficulty using his hands.

The Drs TV: Chronic Hip Pain Relief

The Doctors will also share alternative treatments to help those struggling with chronic hip pain find relief.

Given that I was a full-time athlete from age 11 to 21, there’s no doubt I will at some point suffer from hip pain. It’d be great to know some alternative ways to alleviate pain and make every day activities more enjoyable.

The Doctors: Surgery-Free Beauty Fix

Last but certainly not least, The Doctors will share secrets that can help you dramatically change the way you look, without going under the knife. Cosmetic surgery most certainly isn’t always the answer, but some people may need a little more than just makeup to feel better about the way they look.

The Doctors will share a different technique to boost your confidence and leave you feeling great.


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