Drs: Child Shaming Arrest + Near Death After Swallowing Battery


The Doctors May 5 2015 Preview

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On Tuesday, May 5, The Doctors will talk about an extreme case of child shaming that caused the mom to be arrested. Then, they’ll hear from parents who are sharing a cautionary tale after their son swallowed a button-sized battery and had to undergo 65 surgeries just to save his life.


Drs: Child Shaming Arrest + Near Death After Swallowing Battery

The Doctors will explain how child shaming led to one mom’s arrest and then talk about how swallowing a battery nearly killed a little boy. (IxMaster / Shutterstock)

The Drs: Arrested For Child Shaming

The Doctors will talk about a severe case of child shaming that led to one mom’s arrest. They will take a closer look to find out exactly what the mom did to her daughter to cause her to be arrested.

We’ve been hearing stories about child shaming as a way to teach kids a lesson, and The Doctors have made it clear that they don’t think it’s an effective way to help your kids learn from their mistakes. So what exactly did this woman do that was so bad, even the police had to get involved? Be sure to watch The Doctors on May 5 to find out!


The Drs: 65 Surgeries After Swallowing Battery

The Doctors will then hear from a couple who’s baby boy almost died after swallowing a button-sized battery. They’ll share their cautionary tale as they talk about the 65 surgeries the boy has had to endure in order to save his life.

As a mother to a 13-month-old, I understand completely how hard it is to keep track of a young child. Especially at the age where they want to put anything and everything into their mouths. It’s likely that they turned their eyes away from the child for just a few seconds, and he found the battery. So what happened after? And why did the poor child need 65 surgeries to save his life? Tune in to The Doctors on Tuesday May 5!

The Drs: Verdict In Scissor Attack Case

The Doctors will also share the details of a verdict that had many people speaking out. A woman was somehow able to avoid jail time after she attacked her estranged husband with a pair of scissors, hoping to do permanent damage. The Doctors will explain what happened and why the woman seemingly got away with a vicious attack.


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