Drs: Burned From Inside Out + Over-Prescribing Cholesterol Meds


The Doctors January 21 2015 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from this episode:

The Doctors have another exciting show planned for Wednesday January 21 as they hear the tragic story of a woman who suffered a life-threatening allergic reaction. Then, The Doctors will debate the controversial new guidelines surrounding cholesterol-lowering medications.


Drs: Burned From Inside Out + Over-Prescribing Cholesterol Meds

The Doctors will talk to the woman who suffered such a severe allergic reaction that she was burned from the inside, out. Then, are cholesterol meds over-prescribed? (S_L / Shutterstock.com)

The Drs: Allergic Reaction Burned Woman From Inside Out

The Doctors will take a closer look at the story of a woman who suffered a life-threatening allergic reaction after taking a common antibiotic. The reaction was so severe that the woman was literally burned from the inside out. The pictures of the woman after the reaction took over are truly shocking, so be sure to watch The Doctors on January 21 to find out how she’s doing now. Plus, if the antibiotic was so common, should all of us be more aware of the medicines we take and could potentially take?

The Drs: Over-Prescribing Cholesterol Medication

The Doctors will then debate the controversial new guidelines regarding cholesterol-lowering medications, and whether the drugs are over-prescribed. It’s a hot topic that affects millions of people, but has the potential to save many of those people from adverse side effects. The Doctors will look at the dangers of taking the medications if they’re not needed, and who in particular should really be taking them.


If you’re already on the medication, or considering starting, don’t forget to tune in to The Doctors on Wednesday January 21 for all the information you need to know about cholesterol medications and the new guidelines.

The Drs: Glasses For Visual Processing Disorders

The Doctors will also share with their viewers information about the specialized glasses that help children and adults affected by visual processing disorders. There’s another example of an incredible use for technology, but is it really possible that a pair of eyeglasses could boost brain function? The Doctors will look at the fascinating technology and weigh in!


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