Drs: Broken Golf Club Freak Accident + Nasty Skin Conditions


The Doctors April 24 2015 Preview

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On Friday, April 24, The Doctors will share the story of a freak accident involving a broken golf club. Then, dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee will reveal some of the most disgusting skin conditions she’s helped treat.


Drs: Broken Golf Club Freak Accident + Nasty Skin Conditions

One woman was involved in a freak accident with a broken golf club, and The Doctors want to know what happened. Plus, some gross skin conditions! (Ioana Davies (Drutu) / Shutterstock)

The Drs: Broken Golf Club Freak Accident

The Doctors will hear from a woman who is opening up about the freak accident that involved a golf club. She will share how she survived the gruesome accident, and what caused it in the first place. A freak accident is typically completely unexpected, which means it is almost nearly unavoidable because you don’t even know what you’re looking out for. That’s what makes this woman’s story that much more unfortunate.

What are some crazy freak accidents you’ve heard about?


The Drs: Mom Wants To Have Deceased Daughter’s Baby

The Doctors will then learn from a mom who desperately wants to become pregnant with her deceased daughter’s baby. Is this her only chance at becoming a grandmother, or is there some kind of wish from her daughter that she’s trying to fulfill? The Doctors want to hear all the details of her story to understand why she is fighting to carry her own grandchild for her daughter who passed away. Can you sympathize with the woman? Would you do the same thing if you were in her position?

The Drs: Gross Skin Conditions

Then, The Doctors will bring in dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee to see if you can handle some of the most sickening skin conditions she’s treated. There’s no doubt she sees it all, because people with the worst conditions know that she’s one of the best in her field. If you have a weak stomach, you may want to be careful, because these will certainly be conditions that aren’t easy to look at.


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