The Drs: Baby Brain Surgery + Bacon Stopped Nosebleed & Hungry Girl


The Doctors October 8 2014 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from this episode:

The Doctors will talk about the incredible brain surgery performed on a baby to fix a rare neurological condition on October 8. Then, The Doctors will explain how bacon stopped a 4-year-old’s life-threatening nosebleed, and Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien will share some of her lower-calorie recipes.


The Drs: Baby Brain Surgery + Bacon Stopped Nosebleed & Hungry Girl

The Doctors will talk about the incredible brain surgery conducted on a little baby, and then explain how bacon saved a girl from a nosebleed. Then, Hungry Girl will share some of her healthy recipes. (Ioana Davies (Drutu) / Shutterstock)

The Drs TV: Disconnecting Half Baby’s Brain

The Doctors will discuss the amazing surgery that was performed in order to help a baby born with a rare neurological condition. Surgeons literally disconnected half of the baby’s brain in hopes it will allow the child to live a happier, healthier life. If you think that sounds absolutely insane, you’re certainly not alone!

The Doctors: Bacon Saved 4-Year-Old From Nosebleed

The Doctors will then explain how bacon helped doctors save a 4-year-old girl from a serious, life-threatening nosebleed. What caused the severe nosebleed in the first place and how in the world did bacon help?


A nosebleed is already pretty scary, especially in a small child, but one that you can’t control is downright terrifying. Be sure to watch The Doctors on October 8 to find out how bacon ended up saving the little girl’s life.

The Drs: Hungry Girl Lower Calorie Recipes

Then, The Doctors will welcome Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien to the show to share some of her lower calorie recipes. Lisa Lillien has practically built an entire business around her “Hungry Girl” idea, and if you haven’t yet, you should check out her website. She’s written multiple books and even has a Hungry Girl Diet. The Doctors always talk about how the perfect diet for you is whatever works best for your body and your lifestyle, so maybe Hungry Girl is just what you’ve been waiting for! If you still want to be able to eat delicious food, while saving on calories and not busting your waistline, Hungry Girl just may be the way to go!


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