Drs: Autistic Boy Abused At School + Hollywood Beauty Products


The Doctors July 16 2015 Preview

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On Thursday July 16, The Doctors will hear the shocking details of how one autistic student was abused at school, and what’s being done about it. Then, if you want to know what beauty products the hottest celebrities are using, this is the episode for you!


Drs: Autistic Boy Abused At School + Hollywood Beauty Products

An autistic boy is claiming he was abused at school and The Doctors want to know what’s being done about it. Then, the top beauty products being used in Hollywood. (Aperture51 / Shutterstock.com)

The Drs: Autistic Student In-School Abuse

It’s bad enough to think about a student being abused at school, but what if you were told an autistic boy claims he was abused at his place of education? Pretty infuriating right? The Doctors will find out the details about the boy’s claim to learn more about what happened and what is being done to those who are to blame.

Discipline techniques are always controversial, but there are strict rules about how a teacher can discipline a student. In this case, the teacher allegedly took things too far, so were there serious repercussions? Tune in to find out.


The Drs: Hollywood’s Best Beauty Products

Then, The Doctors will share what beauty products are most popular in Hollywood and which fabulous celebrities are using them. Celebrities, for the most part, like to have the best of the best, especially when it comes to making them look and feel good. So it’s got to be pretty trustworthy when you hear a celebrity uses a certain product. If you want to both look and feel like your favorite celebrity, perhaps it’s as easy as using the same products they do. Let’s just hope they’re not too pricey!

The Drs: Save Time & Money On Healthy Meals

The Doctors will then welcome back registered dietitian Keri Glassman with her tips for whipping up some delicious healthy meals in a short amount of time, at little cost to you. More money in my wallet and a slimmer waist line are obviously two big goals of mine, so you can bet I’ll be all ears when Keri takes the stage!


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