Drs: Allergic To Everything? + Singer With Tourette Syndrome


The Doctors February 18 2015 Preview

On Wednesday, February 18, The Doctors will hear about the autoimmune disease that has forced one woman to hide away to keep herself healthy. Then, they’ll introduce a a singer who struggles with Tourette Syndrome but refuses to let it keep her from accomplishing her goals.

The Doctors: Allergic To Everything? + Singer With Tourette's

The Doctors will share the story of a woman who seems to be allergic to everything and has to live in seclusion. (chsherbakova yuliya / Shutterstock.com)


The Drs: Allergic To Everything

The Doctors will introduce a woman with a potentially deadly autoimmune disease that has forced her to live in complete seclusion. Allergies are incredibly common, whether it’s an allergy to dust, pets, or pollen, but what would you do if you were allergic to everything in your environment? If you’re like me, you’re wondering how could you possibly survive.

This woman has been living in seclusion to keep herself safe, but are there other options out there? We can only hope The Doctors will find some answers for the woman and give her some hope of living more of a normal life.

The Drs: Singer With Tourette Syndrome

The Doctors will then welcome to their show a singer-songwriter who has been living with Tourette Syndrome. She will explain how she has refused to let the disorder keep her from accomplishing her dreams of making it in the music industry, and how she overcomes the syndrome that could very easily hinder her abilities.


The Drs: Vaporized Alcohol + Relationship Wrecker

The Doctors will then share “The Real Deal” on vaporized alcohol and the risks of inhaling alcohol for an “instant buzz.” People often use alcohol for the feeling it gives them, so of course people want to combine alcohol and a quick fix. The problem is that alcohol by itself already can be dangerous, so what’s the point of making it vaporized? We’ll find out on the Wednesday, February 18 episode of The Doctors.

The Doctors will also reveal a relationship wrecker that may come as quite a shock for most people.


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