Drs: 24-Hour Breast Lift + Drunk Without Alcohol? & 100-Bite Diet


The Doctors September 25 2014 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from this episode:

On September 25, The Doctors will talk about a 24-hour breast lift that many women are resorting to for a confidence boost. Plus, what’s the disorder that can make you feel drunk without even a drop of alcohol? The Doctors will also take a closer look at the 100-bite diet.

The Doctors September 25 2014 Preview

The Doctors will talk about the 24-hour breast lift procedure and then talk about a disorder that can make you feel drunk without alcohol. Plus, what is the 100-bite diet?
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The Drs TV: 24-Hour Breast Lift

The Doctors will talk about a nonsurgical procedure that would give you a 24-hour breast lift. The question is, would you want to shell out cash just to “boost your bust” for one day?

I recently heard about this on the news, and they showed a woman who had the procedure done before she went on a date. She said it gave her confidence to wear an outfit that she otherwise wouldn’t have worn.

But my thing about it is, what happens when her chest goes back to normal? Won’t her date feel a little cheated? I’ve already heard guys complain about women wearing too much makeup, saying they feel the woman is hiding who they really are. So what would they say about a woman who had her bust inflated for only a 24-hour period?

The Doctors: Drunk Without Alcohol, Intoxicating Disorder

The Doctors will also take a closer look at a disorder that causes people to feel drunk without even taking a sip of alcohol. So what is the disorder that could literally have people falling over? Be sure to watch The Doctors on September 25 to find out!

The Drs TV: 100-Bite Diet

From low-carb to no-carb and protein-based to plant-based, there are all kinds of diets out there. The Doctors will take a closer look at yet another technique people are using to lose weight. It’s called the 100-bite diet and I’m assuming it involves just that: a person only being allowed to take 100 bites per day.

I’ve never counted how many bites I take in one meal, much less in an entire day, so I don’t know how extreme of a diet that really is. But could it work? The Doctors will share their thoughts!

The Doctors: HPV & The Flu

Finally, The Doctors will share shocking statistics on HPV and the fly that will really make you stop and think before every skipping a vaccination again. While the flu may not be all the severe, HPV sure is, and you definitely don’t want to put yourself at risk. Be sure to watch on September 25 to hear what The Doctors have to say about potentially life-saving vaccinations.


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