The Doctors: Using A Taser For Art? + Woman Trapped In Her Home


The Doctors September 29 2014 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from this episode:

The Doctors will discuss an art trend involving the use of a taser and why it’s really not a good idea. Plus, what could possibly cause a woman to never leave her home for years at a time?

The Doctors: Using A Taser For Art? + Woman Trapped In Her Home

The Doctors will discuss a scary and dangerous new art trend and then take a look at a condition trapping one woman in her home.
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The Doctors: Shocking Art Trend

The Doctors will discuss a new art trend that is “shockingly bad for your health.” In case you’re wondering what the preview was alluding to, when all it showed a taser, I can only assume they were referring to the art project conducted by photographer Patrick Hall who had over 100 people willing to take their shirts off, only to get tasered, while it was all caught on tape.

So let me reiterate. People were willing to not only get half-naked in front of the camera, but also be shocked by a very powerful tool meant to be used by police in order to bring down resisting individuals. My big question is why while The Doctor’s main question will be what effects can this have on your health?

The Drs TV: Condition Traps Woman In House For Years

The Doctors will also take a closer look at the story of a woman who has been trapped in her house for years due to a condition that causes her to panic when she even thinks about walking out the door. I can only imagine how lonely a life that must be for that poor woman, and can only hope The Doctors will explain the situation and help find her a solution so that she can begin to live a normal life again.

The Doctors: Tragedy In The Air

In the preview for the September 29 episode, The Doctors alluded to a “tragedy in the air” with a woman saying her husband “seized up.” They say they will share what we need to know before we get on an airplane.

So what could The Doctors possibly be talking about and what would cause a man to suddenly seize while in the air? Be sure to watch The Doctors on September 29 to find out.



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