Chocolate Cake Diet & Thinking Thin: The Doctors June 21 2012 Preview


The Doctors June 21 2012 Preview

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you’ve stopped thinking about how to get your diet and weight loss under control. If anything, the beach breeze and swimsuit season are probably just more reminders that you meant to stick to those resolutions this year. If you’re still flailing around in search of a strategy, don’t despair. The Doctors June 21 2012 show is full of Simple Secrets to Shrinking Your Waistline, and it’s never too late to get started.

The Doctors: Chocolate Cake Diet

Chocolate Cake Diet: The Doctors June 21 2012 Preview

The Doctors June 21 2012 will highlight surprising weight loss foods, including Chocolate Cake for breakfast.


You may think that dieting means giving up everything you love, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, The Doctors will make a shocking diet revelation on their upcoming show. “People who ate chocolate cake as part of their breakfast lost more weight than those who didn’t,” Dr Travis Stork said. You know you want to find out more about how dessert for breakfast can be a diet strategy, so be sure to tune in for The Doctors June 21 2012 show to find out what that’s all about. It sounds like a delicious strategy for weight loss, if it’s true.

The Drs TV: Salt, Sugar & Fat

One major problem confronting dieters year round is the fact that our brains may be working against us. Find out how the brain responds to and craves salt, sugar, and fat. Understanding what’s going on up there could at least make you more aware of your compulsions and help you fight to regain control when it comes to disciplined dieting.

The Doctors: Thinking Thin

Now that we’ve talked you into getting summer started with a new approach to dieting, you’re going to need some ideas to help you get to work. Find out the five surprising foods The Doctors are recommending for weight loss, and discover how you can lose up to 10 pounds this year without taking a single step toward that treadmill. Plus, The Doctors reveal a French skinny secret and the results of a promising stem cell procedure, all on The Doctors June 21 2012 show. Set your DVR now or check Recapo for the full report.



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