Chef Rocco DiSpirito & E.Coli in the Laundry – The Drs October 12 2012


The Drs October 12 2012 Preview

Recapo Update: The recaps for this episode are now online. Here are the links to each of the segments from the show.

Sometimes it can hard to change, but The Drs are saying the times are changing and your health should be changing too. The Doctors October 12 2012 is all about changing with the times. The Doctors invite chef Rocco DiSpirito on to the show to make some delicious reduced calorie meals that don’t scrimp on taste. And by cutting the calories, I mean in half.


I’m a bit skeptical that you can make low-fat Italian food, but let’s see what you’ve got, Rocco! (By the way, Rocco’s Strawberry Ice Cream was a big hit when he visited The Drs last year.)

The Doctors: Tap Vs Bottled Water

Chef Rocco DiSpirito & E.Coli in the Laundry - The Drs October 12 2012

The Doctors invite Rocco DiSpirito on to the show, as well as talk about 20 healthy changes everyone needs to make right now.

Also, The Doctors will go over three dental habits that need to be kicked to the curb. And one of them might be correlated to water that can cause tooth decay. It is technically healthier to drink water from the tap because it has fluoride in the water. Bottled water does not.


The Drs: E.Coli in Laundry

What about the old washer and dryer in the basement? The Doctors let viewers know that their laundry could be making them sick. Dr. Travis Stork said it is possible to end up with 100 million E.Coli in the water the clothes are being washed in. Yikes!

And did you know it was possible to get a 30-second facelift? Me neither, but The Doctors have done it and they are going to show you how to do it as well.

The Doctors: 20 Health Changes to Make

The Doctors have 20 health changes that need to be made right now. And one of them may mean no more eating eggs, which Dr. Stork says may be as bad as smoking for the heart.

The Drs October 11 2012 looks to be a really informative show. If you miss any of the information from the show, make sure to check Recapo tomorrow for all the details.


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