Arsenic Poisoning Prevention: The Doctors September 27 2012 Preview


The Doctors September 27 2012

The Doctors September 27 2012 episode will investigate the killing fields. What exactly are the “killing fields?” Fields of rice are being examined for their high levels of arsenic.

This is one episode of The Doctors you don’t want to miss – for your health’s sake.


The Doctors: Arsenic is a Naturally Occurring Element

The Doctorswill tell you the real truth about arsenic in rice. Dr. Travis Stork said that because arsenic is a naturally occurring element, it does get into ground water. How scary is that? The water you used to make dinner last night could have arsenic in it!

The Doctors September 27 2012: How to Avoid Arsenic

The September 27 2012 episode of The Doctors will separate fact from fiction when it comes to arsenic. They’ll also tell you the warning signs of arsenic poisoning.

I’m interested to see where arsenic is naturally found…and then I want to avoid those places.


The Doctors: Arsenic in Brown Rice

Here’s where it gets really scary – brown rice contains the highest levels of arsenic. Even though brown rice is usually considered the healthiest kind, it could be taking a toll on you!

It seems like brown rice is all the rage. My mom always orders brown rice instead of white or fried, and Chipotle now offers brown rice in addition to their delicious white rice. You may want to think twice the next time you order brown rice after tomorrow’s episode!

The Doctors: Arsenic Poisoning & Chelation Therapy

The Doctors will go through the symptoms of arsenic poisoning, some of which are stomach cramps and problems swallowing. If you have arsenic poisoning, you can undergo Chelation therapy which will help remove some of the heavy metals from your body. I wonder what’s involved in a procedure like that?

The Doctors will tell you tomorrow what you need to know about the latest health scare that’s ravaging the world. In the meantime, maybe we consider choosing something other than rice to have for dinner.


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