Air Conditioning Prevents Allergies: The Doctors June 22 2012 Preview


The Doctors June 22 2012

What’s making you sick this spring and summer? From seasonal allergies to colds that may seem out of season, The Doctors June 22 2012 show is all about the surprising health risks making you sick, fat and tired. Could your environment be to blame for your health problems? Get the inside story from The Doctors with this episode. Set your DVR now or bookmark Recapo if you can’t watch the show, so you can still get the great tips and information.

The Drs: How To Stop Allergies

The Doctors June 22 2012: Air Conditioning Allergies

The Doctors June 22 2012 show will explore the connection between air conditioning and allergies, plus how to make safe homemade egg dyes.


The Doctors June 22 2012 includes the inside scoop on how to stop your allergies in their tracks. Don’t let your family suffer this season from completely preventable factors that you can control. Though the pollen count and other external factors are literally up in the air, you do have some tools that can make a big difference.

Did you know that air conditioning is actually a hugely powerful tool in the fight against both indoor and outdoor allergies? That’s just one of many tips that’s coming up on The Doctors June 22 2012 show, so if you have an allergy sufferer in your household, you’re not going to want to miss this in depth report.

The Doctors: Organic Egg Dyes

Typically, the most popular time of year to dye eggs with your kids is around Easter. But there are no rules that say you can only do this once a year. The Doctors will take a look at some organic and safe egg dye alternatives to the typical products you’re used to seeing in stores. If you’re looking for a fun summer activity to keep the kids occupied, you’ll want to check out these tips for a safe homemade egg dye. All that and more tips are coming up on The Doctors June 22 2012 episode, so don’t miss this one.


Set your DVR now for the next episode of The Doctors, and be sure to visit Recapo for full information and health tips from this and your favorite other informational and entertainment talks shows in daytime.


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