5 Medical Emergencies You Can Avoid: The Doctors September 6 Preview


The Doctors September 6 2012

It’s an all-new episode of The Doctors on Thursday, September 6. The Doctors will be showing you what five common medical emergencies you can avoid; and of course, what to do in order to avoid them!

You put it in your body every day, but it could be putting you at risk. Find out what The Doctors are talking about on September 6. It’s life-saving information you’ll want to know.


E.R. Doctors September 6

Follow Dr Stork into the E.R. and more on The Doctors September 6.

The Doctors: Peek into the Doctors’ Practices

You see them every day on your television, but have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were a patient to one of the Doctors? On The Doctors September 6, you’ll have the chance to find out when the show gives us a backstage sneak peek into the Doctors’ private practices. We’ll follow Dr Travis Stork into the E.R., and then watch as Dr Lisa Masterson saves three lives– at once!

Dr Jim Sears: Must-Know Parenting Tips

Pediatrician Dr Jim Sears will also be offering up his most essential parenting tips. What should you do if a child gets burned with a hot liquid? Could a spice like cinnamon be dangerous? Dr Sears will fill us in on September 6.


Plus, when a routine check-up does not go as planned (could you end up in the O.R.?), and learn the four simple ways to avoid the aging process. It’s information that could save your life– not to mention, save you money on beauty products– on The Doctors September 6.


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