The Doctors: Plucked Eyebrows, Thinning Hair & Sleep Solutions


The Doctors: Three Solutions

“For every one problem, we’ve got three solutions,” The Doctors promise. That’s a big promise, but I wouldn’t put it past The Doctors to make this come true on their March 13 2012 episode. The saying goes that good things come in threes, so maybe we’ll all learn some effective ways to deal with our body issues.

I don’t even know how I could tell if I had big pores, but apparently having large pores is a bad thing, and a solution for that problem is among the topics they’ll be providing solutions for.


The Doctors: Plucked Eyebrows

If you've over-plucked your eyebrows, The Doctors will help you get them back to normal on March 13 2012.

The Drs TV: Plucked Brows

Have you over-plucked your brows? I have full eyebrows, but I don’t like dealing with them because treatments are so annoying, and my brows look red and angry for the rest of the day. Coming up on March 13 2012, The Doctors are sharing ways you can restore your brows to their natural look.

The Doctors: Thinning Hair

What causes thinning hair? Is it all based on genetics? Does it have to do with the natural aging process? We will get the answers on a new episode of The Doctors. But would you believe that divorce can actually be a culprit behind your thinning hair?


That’s according to Dr. Lisa Masterson, who will explain more coming up on the March 13 2012 edition of The Doctors. You’ll have to tune in to see why this is believed to be true, and what you can do to fight or prevent your own thinning hair.

Daylight Saving Time & Sleep

Most of us lost an hour of sleep over the weekend thanks to the Spring Forward of Daylight Saving Time. Did you remember to set your clocks forward one hour, or do you live in an area that’s not affected by this time change?

Whatever the case, if you’re having trouble adjusting to a new routine, or you’ve been struggling with sleep patterns for awhile, The Doctors will offer some well timed solutions to help you catch a few more Zs, so you can be better rested.

All this and more is coming up on The Doctors for March 13 2012. Tune in to find out all about it, and check Recapo for resources and information about the show.


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