Thera-Band FlexBar for Tennis Elbow Pain


The Doctors: Chronic Pain Management

Today’s show has been all about relieving or managing different types of chronic pain. Though The Doctors are not fans of treating everything that ails you with pills and prescriptions, they do love their nifty gadgets on this show.

There seem to constantly be new innovations and medical advances to treat all kinds of problems and conditions, so asking a doctor and doing your own online research might help you turn up new therapies or approaches you never knew existed.


Finding out your options is worth the effort, especially if it means you may discover a way to become pain-free.

The Drs: Tennis Elbow

The Doctors shared remedies for the pain of Tennis Elbow, including a new product.

The Doctors: Tennis Elbow

Dr. Travis Stork said that elbow pain is often caused by something called Tennis Elbow. The tendon in your elbow can become sore from overuse. Despite the name, it is not always caused by playing Tennis. Any type of repetitive motion can lead to injury.


Dr. Jim Sears explained that he notices this kind of pain from repeatedly using the winch on his sailboat, because he is a rich doctor who owns a boat.

There is a new product that can alleviate the pain associated with Tennis Elbow.

Tennis Elbow Natural Remedies

There are multiple ways to treat your Tennis Elbow pain. Traditional remedies such as rest, ice, and anti-inflammatories are great.

Thera-Band Flex Bar Review

But the new Thera-Band Flex Bar allows you to flex your wrists, which extends and stretches the elbows. It has been proven to alleviate Tennis Elbow, as well as strengthening the muscles in your hand and arm.

The Doctors demonstrated this device, which sort of looked like a smaller version of those spongy pool noodles. Twisting your wrists back and forth builds the extensor muscles, Dr. Jim said.

You can click here to purchase your own Thera-Band Flex Bar to try this Tennis Elbow relief product for yourself.

The Drs: Adjunctive Therapies

Dr. Travis said there are often alternative adjunctive therapies to treat any type of pain, so you don’t have to become overly dependent on medication. He recommended considering these alternatives and finding small ways to avoid pain.


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