The Drs: Whooping Cough, Croup & Chronic Cough Causes & Cures


The Doctors: How To Treat Coughs

How do you know when your cough is normal, or when you need to call your doctor about it. He said he’s been struggling and fighting a cough for over a month. A full course of antibiotics didn’t work, and neither did over the counter cold medicine.

Dr. Travis Stork said the best way to diagnose a cough is by listening. After listening to a sample cough, Dr. Jim Sears said Whooping Cough is a serious problem, especially for children.


The Doctors: Cough Causes

Could acid reflux be responsible for your chronic cough? Find out when to see a doctor.

The Doctors: Pertussis or Whooping Cough

He explained that Whooping Cough causes long coughing spells, which prevents babies from breathing normally. That’s why they gasp for air, causing the whoop sound that gives this cough its name.

Dr. Jim said that depriving the brain of oxygen can be dangerous. Whooping Cough is caused by bacteria, and there is a vaccination for it.


Read about CDC Recommended Vaccinations.

The Doctors: Croup Cough

As a pediatrician, Dr. Jim said that he often diagnoses a cough over the phone. Croup Cough sounds almost like barking, which one of my dogs confirmed by looking with mild confusion at the TV as the cough was demonstrated.

Croup can be caused by the same virus responsible for colds and laryngitis. The cough occurs due to vocal cord swelling, and it gets worse overnight. Hot steam from the shower can help to alleviate symptoms.

If Croup doesn’t clear up on its own, doctors can prescribe medication to help the body fight it off.

Dry Cough Cause & Cure

Have you ever heard or experienced Dry Cough? It’s caused by problems such as Asthma or the Flu. Tuberculosis or Pneumonia could also be the culprits. Air pollution can irritate your throat as well.

Productive Wet Cough

The next gross cough sound was a Wet Cough, often associated with Colds, Nasal Drainage, or Pneumonia. Your personal experience, including how you feel and how long the cough lasts, should help guide you as to whether it’s time to call a doctor.

Chronic Cough

Allergist Dr. Marc Meth said if your cough lasts longer than eight weeks, or it’s waking you up at night, you might want to call an allergist for a diagnosis. The three common causes of chronic cough are Post-Nasal Drip, Asthma, and Acid Reflux.

Chronic Cough Asthma Test

Symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath, or chest tightness would indicate Asthma. Your allergist can use a device to test your air capacity when diagnosing asthma.

Reflux Disease & Chronic Cough

It’s crazy to think that Acid Reflux could be behind your cough. But antacid therapy is one potential remedy. If that doesn’t work, you may need to consult a gastroenterologist.


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