The Drs: Ross Mathews Insta-Diarrhea & Jon Hamm Not-So-Private-Parts


The Doctors: Ross Mathews’ Mother Gets So Excited She Gets Diarrhea

The Doctors invited comedian and author Ross Mathews to co-host the show with them today and the first they thing wanted him to do was tell them about an embarrassing health fact. Since not much embarrasses Mathews, he told The Doctors about his mother who has to use the bathroom every time he tells her good news. He called it insta-diarrhea.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said it most likely had something to do with her autonomic nervous system, the fight or flight feeling people get when something unusual happens. He said in most people this will affect how fast their heart beats, how high their blood pressure goes, how much they sweat, so he figured it could also be causing her diarrhea when she gets good news.


Canadian Drama Professor Uses Personal Massagers On Students

A Canadian drama professor at the University of Alberta has discovered a unique way to enhance the quality of his vocal students’ voices. He uses a personal massager on the students because he believes it helps improve the students’ vocal abilities and the range of their voice.

The professor, David Ley, told The Doctors he tells his students to use the massager before and after they sing as a kind of warm up and warm down for their vocal chords. He said he also tells students suffering from vocal fatigue to use the massager to massage their vocal muscles.


I’m not sure The Doctors knew what to make of the vocal massaging. They just handed a massager to Mathews and let him give it a try. Check out the video below to see how Ley uses the massager on his own vocal chords.

Jon Hamm Shows Off His Not-So-Private-Parts

The Drs: Ross Mathews Insta-Diarrhea & Jon Hamm Not-So-Private-Parts

The Doctors invited Ross Mathews to co-host the show with them, he talked about his mother’s insta-diarrhea and they looked at Jon Hamm’s private parts. 
(image credit: s_bukley /

Jon Hamm is one of the most prominent male actors in America but it seems his prominence has shifted from his acting ability to the member he has between his legs. After photos of walking down the street commando went viral, it was reported producers of Mad Men told him to sheath his sword.

The Doctors could understand wanting to be comfortable and they also acknowledged they have talked about keeping the family jewels aired out and at a reasonable temperature, but they thought walking around without any support and literally showing your private parts to the world was a little overboard.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said he agreed with “letting the boys breathe” but he said it should be done in the comfort of your own home.

“If you are walking down the street and you see that, you are going to get in a car crash,” Mathews said. “That is too dangerous.”

Ross Mathews Man Up!: Tales Of My Delusional Self-Confidence

Ross Mathews recently published his newest book, Man Up!: Tales of My Delusional Self-Confidence, and he told The Doctors the book is all about him growing up. He grew up in a small town always dreaming of making it to Hollywood but he had a lot of struggles along the way. This book chronicles those struggles but it also shines a light on Mathews’ screw ups as well. He didn’t want to be the hero in all the stories. He said he wanted to let everyone know he isn’t perfect.


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