The Drs: Keratosis Pilaris Aspirin Scrub


The Doctors: How To Feel Good

If you’re timid in the bedroom, you are not alone. That’s why The Doctors invited therapist Lori Buckley to share some advice for those who are self-conscious.

Lori Buckley said. “Men don’t think about the lumps and the bumps that we constantly think about when we bear it all.”


The Drs: Keratosis Pilaris Aspirin Scrub

Find out why high heels could be the key to feeling confident.

Here are some of her suggestions:

  • Step into high heels – This will show off your calf muscles and perk up your butt.
  • Embrace love handles – Curves are attractive, and the bedroom is one place you should be proud of your love handles.
  • Light the night right – Turn off overhead light in exchange for candles, low lamp light, or other soft, flattering glow to set the mood.
  • Skip the thigh-highs – These will accentuate the thighs and create a muffin top on your legs.
  • Accessorize – Think about a string of pearls or a feather boa.

“Nobody has a body like yours, so get confident,” Lori said.


Dr. Travis Stork said the goal is for you to be comfortable with your own body. They echoed the usefulness of jewelry or candles as a safety net.

The Drs TV: What Is Keratosis Pilaris

Audience member Ellie had a question for The Doctors. She has bumps on her arms and thighs that look like acne, but aren’t. She said that stress makes them worse, and she doesn’t know exactly what they are.

The Doctors brought her up on stage to take a look. They were red, raised bumps on her arms and legs, which also sometimes pop up on her butt as well. Dr. Andrew Ordon diagnosed it as Keratosis Pilaris, which he said is present in about 50% of the population.

He said it’s nothing serious, and is typically found on the arms, legs, or butt. It’s simply a buildup of the Keratin layer of the skin, which blocks the hair follicles. Dr. Jim Sears mentioned it’s common in children and adolescents, and most people outgrow it by age 30; it’s also genetic and can be linked to food allergies, hormones, or stress.

The Doctors: Keratosis Pilaris Natural Remedies

Doctors might recommend Microdermabrasion to open up the hair follicles. Red beam laser treatment could also help, but before you resort to that, Dr. Andrew Ordon shared a simple home remedy.

He used a paste mixture of Olive Oil and Sugar to exfoliate and moisturize the skin, while breaking up the Keratin.

The Drs TV: Keratosis Pilaris Aspirin Scrub

Dr. Jim Sears said you can also make an Aspirin Scrub, by dissolving 10 aspirin tablets in warm water, forming a paste and then scrubbing it on the skin for about 10 seconds. Aspirin contains Beta Hydroxy Acid, which is also found in many skin care products. It’s exfoliating and easy.

Finally, Dr. Lisa Masterson recommended Dandruff Shampoo, containing Salycylic Acid to reduce swelling and soften your skin. The Doctors said millions of people have this condition, but may not know how easy it is to take care of.


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