The Doctors TV Show: Puffy Eye Remedy Frozen Q-Tips


The Doctors TV Show today was focused on encouraging us to Find Out What’s Wrong and Fix It. I absolutely love Natural Home Remedies, and so I loved the segments that spoke about The Doctors Cough Remedy, an Eye Drop Pimple Remedy and a Frozen Q-Tip Puffy Eye Remedy. The Doctors Qtip Puffy Eye Remedy

The Doctors Puffy Eye Remedy

Dr Andrew Ordon said that he used to be the “Corner Cut Man” for a professional boxer.  So, when the boxer would get hit and get cuts all over his face, Dr Ordon was in charge of helping him out.  In order to quickly get the swelling out of his face, they would squeegee his face with cold Q-Tips.  To do this, you wet some Q-Tips and freeze them in the freezer.  Then squeegee out the swelling under your eyes.  Dr Drew said that the cold constricts the swelling and the general pressure helps to remove the puffiness from under your eyes.



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