The Doctors TV Show: Onion Oil Itch, Rash & Earache Remedy


The Doctors TV Show answered the question of how to decide to Fix It or Live With It for a bunch of medical issues today from Frequent Urination to Heartburn to Uneven Breasts.  One of the Natural Remedies that The Drs TV Show spoke about was Onion Oil which heals everything from ichy skin to dry skin to rashes to ear aches!

The Drs: Onion Oil Earache Remedy

The Doctors have spoken in the past about how warm olive oil can help with ear aches, but apparently Onion Oil may be The Doctors Onion Oil Remedieseven better!  Just warm up some Onion Oil and test it on your skin to make sure it is not too hot.  Then put a drop or two into your ear with an eye dropper or a cotton ball.


The Drs: Onion Oil Dry Skin Remedy

The Doctors said that Onion Oil is also great to moisturize dry cracked skin, such as the deep cracks people sometimes get in their feet.  Dr Andrew Ordon said that onion extract is sometimes used in moisturizers or other skin care products for this very  reason.  My only question following this segment was how do you get onion oil for all of these fabulous Onion Oil Remedies?  Here is what my research found:

How to Make Onion Oil:

I first searched online and this is the closest thing I could find to Onion Oil that is available for purchase. I am going to try to make my own onion oil by doing the following. I will warm up some finely diced onion and soak it in olive oil so that hopefully some of the onion’s oils will mix into the olive oil. I will then let it sit for an hour or so and use cheesecloth to strain out any pieces of onion. If you have any other ideas for how to make Onion Oil or where to buy it, please leave a comment below!


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