The Doctors TV Show: Epsom Salt Dandruff Remedy


The Drs TV Show was all about how to decide whether to Fix It or Live With It today.  One topic that The Doctors TV Show covered was dandruff, which if you have ever had it, you will know that it is definitely something that you want to fix as quickly as you can.  The Doctors suggested using epsom salt as a Dandruff Remedy, and I thought that was a brilliant idea!

The Drs: Epsom Salt Dandruff Home Remedy

The Doctors said that dandruff is caused by shedding dead skin cells from your scalp.  To do this Dandruff Remedy, take The Doctors TV Show Dandruff Remedysome Epsom Salts into your shower when it is bath time.  Before you shampoo your hair, take about a tablespoon of the Epsom Salt and sprinkle it all over your scalp.  Rub the salt into your scalp, because this will help to loosen the flakes in your head.  Then shampoo and rinse your hair well to get everything out.  By using Epsom Salts on your scalp, you are basically giving yourself a quick and inexpensive microdermabrasion treatment to loosen up the dead skin.  Another fabulous 5 Minute Health Fix from The Doctors!



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