The Doctors: Salt Water Respiratory & Sore Throat Remedies


The Doctors: Salt Water Health Benefits

The Doctors enjoy spending time surfing and enjoying the beach. Salt water can be fun to swim in, but Dr. Travis Stork said it can even have surprising health benefits.

The Doctors: Salt Water & Health

The Doctors explored the many uses and health benefits of salt water.


The Drs TV: Salt Water Sore Throat Remedy

Dr. Travis recommended salt water as a remedy for your sore throat. He suggested gargling with warm salt water when you are sick. The salt helps to reduce inflammation by extracting excessive fluid and killing bacteria.

Even if you’re not sick, you can still see preventative benefits. A study found that gargling Salt Water three times daily lowers your risk for Respiratory Infection by a whopping 40%.

Salt Water Sore Throat Gargle

Dr. Travis explained that all it takes is ¼ to ½ teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of warm water. He gargled to demonstrate, saying you want to gargle for 30 to 60 seconds. An added benefit of gargling salt water is fresher breath.


Salt Water Hair Benefits

Dr. Lisa Masterson said that the humid, salty beach air can benefit your hair. She said you can spray Salt Water on your hair to help it naturally curl.

“You’ll get that volume back,” she said.

Salt Water Skin Benefits

Dr. Andrew Ordon said you can even add salt to your bath water. He said that Epsom Salt reduces inflammation, improves circulation, and even fights conditions such as Eczema.

He also suggested a Sea Salt Water rinse to treat facial acne.

“More and more pools are moving to salt water, rather than chlorinated water,” Dr. Travis said, adding that chlorinated water can be irritating to your eyes and respiratory system.

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Salt Water Respiratory Benefits

Dr. Jim Sears said that doctors recommend breathing salt water for patients with Cystic Fibrosis. That’s because the salt water can help to break down mucus as well as reducing inflammation.

He cited two recent studies that showed Cystic Fibrosis patients can cut their hospital benefits by 50% just from breathing Salt Water Vapor. He recommended the treatment for anyone who wants better breathing.

The Doctors: Oxytocin Factor Review

Remember the old classic song “Love Potion #9”? There is actually science to back this up now. Dr. Lisa said that you can find Oxytocin Factor drops, which are essentially a love potion. Oxytocin is called the Love Hormone, and now you can buy it in a bottle.

“You might want to put just a little drop behind someone,” she said.

Dr. Lisa explained that you can put it on your neck but should not ingest it. She also said it’s unsafe for pregnant women. You should consult or inform your doctor if you’re adding this to your regimen.

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