The Doctors: Nose Reconstruction and At-Home Skin Remedies


The Doctors: Better in Seven by Dr Andrew Ordon

On August 21, The Doctors shared many tips and secrets from Dr Andrew Ordon’s book, Better in Seven. Dr Ordon also shared his expertise with a Doctors’ staff member, Roy, who wished to correct an unfortunate injury from his past.

Dr Andrew Ordon: Nose Reconstruction Surgery

Cellulite Seaweed Wrap: The Doctors

Dr Ordon shared a seaweed wrap to combat cellulite on The Doctors.


Roy is a former addict who has overcome his drug and alcohol problems and been sober for eleven years. However, an ugly physical scar still remained as a reminder of his past. Many years ago Roy lost the tip of his nose in a drunken rage, which caused his own dog to attack him.

Roy never went to the hospital, so the injury never healed properly. Roy was looking to get his nose back to normal, so he could feel as good on the outside as he does on the inside.

The Doctors: Nasal Cartilage Graft

Dr Ordon admitted that Roy’s surgery would be a difficult one; on a scale of one to ten, where a ten is a complete reconstruction of the nose, Roy was an eight. Dr Ordon explained how he fixed Roy’s nose by taking a look at the anatomy of the nose.


Roy was missing a part of the soft triangle area, which is one of the most difficult areas to fix. Dr Ordon first straightened Roy’s septum, taking a piece of the cartilage to use as a graft to fix the damaged area.

It was a very complicated surgery, but the results spoke for themselves: Roy came out and showed off his new nose. Just two weeks after surgery, the shape of Roy’s nose was vastly improved and looked to be healing fast. Roy got very emotional while discussing his new nose, and was absolutely thrilled to have had the reconstructive surgery.

Dr Ordon: Brown Spot Scrub Recipe

Dr Ordon also spoke to some audience members who were looking for solutions to two very common skin problems: brown spots and cellulite.

To get rid of brown spots on the hands, Dr Ordon recommended a scrub comprised of 1/2 cup of brown rice, 1 tablespoon of agave nectar, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Massage the scrub into hands for 1-2 minutes, then leave on hands for 10-15 minutes. This causes a little bit of a peel to reveal softer, brighter hands.

Cellulite Seaweed Wrap Recipe: The Doctors

For cellulite, try a seaweed wrap. Make a paste with 1/2 cup of seaweed powder and water, then drizzle in 1/4 cup of baby oil and four drops of lavender oil. Wrap your legs in plastic wrap and leave on for thirty minutes. Do this once a day for a week.

Dr Ordon also showed an amazing before and after picture from a viewer who tried his remedy for unsightly veins. To learn this remedy and many more, check out Better in Seven. 


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