The Doctors: Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best & Home Remedies


The Doctors: Joan & Melissa Rivers Home Remedy Game

Joan and Melissa Rivers star in the WE tv reality series Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best. However, does Joan really know best? The Doctors pitted this mother-daughter duo against each other in a game all about home remedies. Things got pretty competitive (and messy), but we did get to learn a lot about natural solutions to common health problems.

To Joan and Melissa’s delight, The Doctors enlisted the help of two hunky male models for the game. Joan and Melissa smeared the models with whatever home remedy they happened to think was correct. Take a look at this wild and wacky game in the video below.


The Drs: Home Remedy Game Answers

Here are the answers to Joan and Melissa’s home remedy game. In the end, who actually knows best – mother or daughter?

The Doctors: Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best & Home Remedies

Did you know that beer is a remedy for damaged hair? The Doctors tested reality stars Joan and Melissa Rivers on their knowledge of home remedies.


Congestion Home Remedy

  • Which home remedy may help relieve congestion?
  • Both Joan and Melissa chose mustard, and both were correct. Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that mustard is a spice, so it helps increase blood flow and opens up congestion.

Razor Burn Home Remedy

  • Which home remedy may provide relief for razor burn?
  • Melissa originally went with papaya, but then switched to strawberries and cream. Joan chose beer. However, Melissa was correct. Strawberries are naturally anti-inflammatory and cream helps soothe burns.

Damaged Hair Home Remedy

  • Which home remedy may help repair damaged hair?
  • Joan chose yogurt, but once again, Melissa made the correct choice of beer. The malt and hops in beer act as nourishment for your hair and also clean your scalp. Who knew?

Wrinkle Home Remedy

  • Which home remedy will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face?
  • Both chose papaya and egg whites, and both were correct. Joan knew this answer because her mother used to apply egg whites to her face in a mask. This mask contains vitamin A that tightens skin and increases collagen production.

Stomach Fat Home Remedy

  • Which home remedy claims to trim inches off your stomach when applied in a wrap?
  • Once more, Melissa was correct. A clay, sea salt and olive oil wrap will trim off stomach fat. It looks like it’s actually Melissa who knows best!


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