The Doctors: Hot Toddy Sorbet Flu Remedy & Le Parcel Tampon Delivery

The Doctors: Hot Toddy Sorbet Flu Remedy

The Doctors shared remedies for even the most chronic aches and pains on an all-new Wednesday episode. If you’ve had the flu this season, you know how sick, tired and miserable it can make you feel. When Dr. Andrew Ordon is under the weather, he takes vitamin C, drinks lots of tea and can now try a hot toddy sorbet.

The new hot toddy sorbet provides lots of vitamin C through ingredients such as orange juice, ginger, cayenne pepper and even bourbon. When they gave it a try, the docs all thought it was delicious. “I would get sick just to eat this,” Dr. Travis Stork admitted. Of course, too much alcohol when you’re sick is not a good idea, because it can suppress your immune system. Just a touch of the bourbon is plenty when you’re under the weather.

The Doctors: Hot Toddy Sorbet Flu Remedy & Le Parcel Tampon Delivery

The Doctors sampled a new hot toddy sorbet flu remedy and discussed Le Parcel tampon delivery.

The Drs: Le Parcel Tampon Delivery

Later, Dr. Lisa Masterson received a special delivery from Le Parcel tampon delivery. When women get their periods, they aren’t always happy to greet their “monthly visitor.” However, Le Parcel treats women to something special each month, so that their period becomes something to look forward to.

The monthly package for period survival includes necessities such as tampons and pads, but also lollipops, cards and even a piece of jewelry. Dr. Lisa pointed out that Le Parcel deliveries would be great for teens who are just beginning their periods.

What do you think? Would you look forward to your period with a monthly package? It sounds like a nice idea, but I don’t think a present would make me feel any better about cramps.

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