The Doctors: Hangover Acupressure for Nausea: Wrist & Jaw


The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of Top Reasons People Call in Sick today. One of The Drs TV Show segments was about Hangover Acupressure for Nausea.  Do you know where your pressure points are for relieving nausea? The Doctors Hangover Pressure Points

The Doctors TV Show: Hangover Acupressure for Nausea

1. Nausea Acupressure Point: Wrist

The Doctors said that if you  press three finger widths up your wrists, there is a pressure point that helps with nausea.


2. Nausea Acupressure Point: Below the Earlobe

The Doctors said that another Acupressure Point that you can press on when you have nausea from a hangover is right below your earlobe and behind your jaw.

3. Hangover Remedy: Menudo Mexican Soup

The Doctors said that a Mexican Hangover Remedy is to eat something called Menudo Soup, a Mexican Soup which is made of beef tripe, stomach lining, and contains vitamin a, vitamin c and lots of spices.  The spices help to perk you up and the fat coats your stomach.

The Doctors said that the best hangover cure is to not drink too much in the first place!  Do you know a good hangover cure?  Please leave a comment below and share with everyone your favorite hangover tips!  One of my personal favorites is to just make sure to drink lots of water, because the headaches that come with a hangover are mainly caused by dehydration.  So, wakeup and fill yourself with water!



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