The Doctors: Egg White Facial, Lip Plumper & Lisa Rinna’s Remedies


The Doctors: Lisa Rinna’s Homemade Beauty Secrets

Lisa Rinna, best known for appearing on Dancing With The Stars, Celebrity Apprentice and Days of Our Lives, stopped by The Doctors set to share some homemade beauty secrets from her book. She decided to break out some everyday items she likes to use to keep her celebrity visage dazzling.

The Doctors: Lisa Rinna's Homemade Beauty Secrets

The Doctors revealed Lisa Rinna’s Homemade Beauty Secrets, like using cinnamon to plump up your lips.


The Doctors: Lisa Rinna’s Egg White Facial

The first homemade beauty secret Lisa Rinna shared on The Doctors was for an egg white facial. You just crack open an egg, take out the yoke and spread the egg whites on your face. This is a tightening facial mask. It puts moisture back in your skin and tightens your entire face. And the best part is you can just wash it right off. Very easy.

The Doctors: Lisa Rinna’s Exfoliant Scrub Recipe

Lisa Rinna likes to make an all natural exfoliant that she can rub all over her hands and lips and face. The ingredients are egg, honey, lemon oil, olive oil and sugar. You just mix them all together and you’re ready to go.

The Doctors: Lisa Rinna’s Cinnamon Puffy Lips

Lisa Rinna’s puffy lips are more famous than she is. On The Doctors she offered a homemade guide to your own puffy lips. The answer is simple: cinnamon. Just put cinnamon on your lips to make them nice and puffy. It apparently causes a small, harmless inflammation.


The Doctors: Hemorrhoid Cream Eye Remedy

You may want puffy lips like Lisa Rinna’s, but one thing nobody wants is puffy eyes. Lisa Rinna offered a new twist on an old puffy eye remedy. The old puffy eye remedy is to put hemorrhoid cream under your eyes, well now they make pads and that’s what Lisa Rinna uses. Certainly that’s a far less embarrassing option.



  1. marion cerrato says

    Lisa Rinna said she had silicone in her lips years ago. She had them fixed not too long ago. The cinnamon has nothing to do with them. Might I add she is a stunner.

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