The Doctors: Diaper Cream Facial, Bagel Hair Conditioner & Teeth Remedy


The Doctors TV Show did a show on 5 Minute Fixes for many everyday problems to promote their book The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health. Dr Andrew Ordon showed some interesting Beauty Home Remedies, including this Bagel Head Conditioner Hair Remedy for shiny, silky, beautiful hair and this Diaper Cream Facial treatment!  The Drs TV Show always has such interesting home remedy segments like this one, so that in just 5 minutes, we can turn our homes into a spa.

The Doctors TV Show: Diaper Cream Facial Mask

Dr Andrew Ordon said that the first treatment is a Diaper Cream Facial Mask.  You apply Baby Diaper Cream to your face, and the zinc oxide and The Doctors Spa Recipesantioxidants help to make your skin glow.  I have also heard that the Diaper Cream Face Mask is great for people with acne.  You can read about how to do the complete home remedy here: Diaper Cream Facial Mask.


The Doctors TV Show: Bagel Head Conditioner Hair Mask

The next home remedy that Dr Andrew Ordon showed was something called the Bagel Head Conditioner from Kym Douglas, author of The Beauty Cookbook: 200 Recipes to Make Your Kitchen Your Spa — for Your Face, Your Body and Your Hair, which sounds like a great read!  You mix together butter, cream cheese, egg and water – and you can quickly see why this is called the Bagel Head Conditioner, because it is everything that you put on a bagel, except for the water and you cook the egg first, but you get the point!  You can read about how to do the complete home remedy here: Bagel Head Conditioner.

The Doctors: Tartar Remover Teeth Remedy

The final home remedy from Dr Andrew Ordon is that about 20 minutes after you drink soda or a coffee, you should brush your teeth with a dry toothbrush, because it helps you to remove around 60% more tartar since the enamel is soft from the acidic effect of the beverage.


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