The Doctors: Antibiotics and Probiotics Vs. Fiber


The Doctors: Do I Need An Antibiotic?

When many people come to their doctor with a health issue, they expect to be sent home with antibiotics. But do you always need them? The answer isn’t always cut and dry.

The Doctors met a woman who suffers from terrible allergies that often cause sinusitis, an inflammation of the lining of the sinuses. She receives antibiotics from her doctor to treat her sinusitis, but are they always necessary?


The Doctors: Do Antibiotics Work?

The Doctors discussed when antibiotics are effective, and when they will not work.

Dr Ordon explained that sinusitis is diagnosed with an x-ray or by examining the puss that leaks from the sinuses. It is caused by clogging in the sinuses, which itself is caused by a cold or allergies. Dr Ordon would not always recommend antibiotics to treat this condition.

Instead, he advised trying steam, saline drops, anti-histamine medication for allergies. If the clogs are opened up naturally, the sinusitis will go away without antibiotics. Dr Sears pointed out that the same goes for ear infections.


However, if you are feeling intense sinus pain and have a fever, antibiotics may be necessary to treat this more severe infection.

The Doctors: Probiotics Vs. Fiber

From yogurt to pills, much has been made about probiotics recently in the world of health. Do they really work, and are they better than fiber? Dr Jorge Rodriguez weighed in.

Dr Rodriguez said that fiber is still the best way to keep regular. Fiber works by allowing water to enter the intestine, keeping your stool soft and your body functioning normally. Probiotics work fine, but fiber is still the way to go– literally!

Doctor’s Orders

Dr Stork’s Orders are quite simple: when it comes to health, find out what works best for you. Talk to your doctor and identify the ways that keep you happy and healthy.


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