Drs: Transcendental Meditation + Vanderpump Rules Dental Disaster

The Doctors: Transcendental Meditation To Lower Stress

Transcendental meditation been known to help with stress, blood pressure, decrease heart disease risk, and even boost intelligence or improve relationships. The Doctors followed one woman as she went to find out more about it. She’s stressed out working to run her own online magazine, so she was hoping she could benefit from the practice. Bob Roth, a meditation teacher at the David Lynch Foundation, explained that within just twenty minutes, cortisol levels can drop 20-30%. He argued that transcendental meditation reduces overall anxiety and stress, while increasing energy and improving focus. It’s taught one on one with a trained teacher.


Bob Roth and the woman, Ruby, joined The Doctors as Ruby explained that even within two and a half weeks, she feels so much better. Because she has so much more energy, her focus has improved, as well as her interpersonal relationships. Bob explained that more than 300 studies have been published showing the benefits of the practice. Dr Jennifer Ashton has been using TM for almost a year and half, and said she also noticed more mental energy, positivity, and clarity.

Drs: Transcendental Meditation + Vanderpump Rules Dental Disaster

Even Dr Jennifer Ashton is a fan of transcendental meditation, and explained why the practice can be so beneficial for anyone. (spirit-fire / Flickr)

Bob Further explained that there are three basic types of meditation. One involves concentration (like yoga) where you’re trying to clear your mind. Second is mindfulness meditation, which is more of an observational tool and coping mechanism. Third is transcendental meditation, which he claims is the “gold standard” of meditation.


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The Doctors: Vanderpump Rules Star Dental Nightmare

Scheana Shay, star of Vanderpump Rules, explained that in 2012 she had just finished filming season one of the show when they all went out to celebrate. All she remembers is feeling like a “giraffe on an ice skating rink.” She fell so fast that she couldn’t break her fall, and ended up chipping several teeth. She was set up with a dentist, who said she likely fractured the root. She had such a bad infection above her upper front teeth that it practically ate away the bone at the roof of her mouth and the bone grafts weren’t taking, so she wasn’t a candidate for an implant. She went two years without being able to even bite into food.

For her wedding, Scheana had a plastic, temporary bridge put in. In October 2014 she was able to get a full porcelain bridge. Her 3-tooth bridge was able to finally give her the smile she desperately wanted. Scheana explained to The Doctors that in the very first episode of season 2, one of her co-stars immediately called her out, pointing out how bad her teeth looked. Dr Laurence Rifkin, her dental surgeon, explained that the damage was mostly to the front part of teeth, which is the center of her smile. It was a bit of a long process that required a lot of patience, but it ended up being worth it in the end.



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