The Doctors: Look Younger, Live Longer & Cheat Death


The Doctors: Age-Defying Secrets

Everyone wants to look and feel younger. But how much younger do you really want to look, and how do you go about shaving years off your look? Coming up on the March 26 2012 episode of The Doctors, learn how to transform your appearance and take back your youth.

I’m not that keen on plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, but The Doctors have a plastic surgeon on their panel, so we often hear about Botox and other elective aesthetic procedures. These are very popular, so it’s no surprise they’d be given a voice.


The Drs: Death Defying Brain

Cheating death or surviving a near death experience can actually change the chemistry of your brain, as The Drs will explore on March 26 2012.

But what always amazes me is how much technology is evolving in the beauty industry, and how many non-surgical options and treatments continue to emerge. We’ll have to see what The Doctors have up the sleeves of their lab coats on the March 26 2012 edition of their show.

The Drs TV: Cheating Death

Have you survived a near death experience? Do you know someone who has? The Doctors will meet a family that walked away from a plane crash. Their amazing story will be featured on the March 26 2012 episode of the show.


Plus, find out how your brain chemistry actually changes once you live through that type of event. What parts of the brain are actually enhanced once you escape death? A man will share how his life has changed since overcoming a devastating brain injury.

The Doctors: Your Life’s Expiration Date

Many of the products we pick up at the grocery store come with an expiration date. It’s the predetermined time that your milk or other perishable product is expected to stay fresh. But did you know that your hormones may have actually stamped a biological expiration date on your life?

Find out what this means for your longevity, and whether there’s any way to alter your life expectancy. Does the altitude in your area affect how long you’ll be alive to enjoy the local weather? The Doctors and their guests will weigh in, when The Doctors tackle youth, life, and brain power on March 26 2012.

Be sure to set your DVR or check Recapo to get the full scoop after the show.


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