The Doctors: Know Your Body, Teen Violence & Kevin Sorbo


The Doctors: Know Your Body

The human body is an amazing instrument, made up from a variety of parts that work together to keep you alive. But how much do you really understand about what some of those strange parts and organs do? The Doctors will put you to the test on their March 9 2012 episode.

Find out what you need your belly button for, and why your Uvula might actually be important to your health. Pop quiz: Where is the Uvula in the human body?


The Drs: Kevin Sorbo

TV star Kevin Sorbo will open up about his secret health problem on The Doctors for March 9 2012. (Image Credit: Featureflash /

Your Uvula is in the back of your throat. Did you guess correctly? If not, you definitely need to find out what it’s for on The Doctors episode for March 9 2012. If you got it right, there’s still something you can learn about your body and health.

The Drs TV: What Do Body Organs Do?

We all have a basic idea of the body organs that are important for maintaining life, like the brain, heart, and lungs. But what about some of the other organs that make up the human body?


Do you know anyone who has had their Appendix removed? Can they tell you what it does in the body, and why it’s OK to just remove it? What is the purpose of a spleen? Finally The Doctors are helping people understand what’s really going on in their bodies every day, even though we probably don’t notice it.

What roles does your Big Toe play in your health? What does aspirin do for you? And why do men have nipples? Get all the answers to weird but common health questions.

Find out what The Doctors have to say about your important and misunderstood body parts when they cover this topic on March 9 2012.

Soda & Teen Violence

Recently, Ellen DeGeneres showed a Vintage Soda Ad that encouraged moms to give soda to their babies. But The Doctors are sharing a new study that found a link between soda and violence in teens. You won’t want to miss this.

The Drs: Kevin Sorbo Hercules

Plus, you remember him as the star of TV’s Hercules. Now Kevin Sorbo is telling The Doctors about the health problem he’s kept secret for years. Find out what it on March 9 2012.


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