The Drs: Wolf Parenting + How To Teach Kids About Death


The Drs: Child Abuse Caught On Camera

The Drs: Wolf Parenting + How To Teach Kids About Death

The Doctors shared advice on teaching your children about death. (pandora_6666 / flickr)

The Doctors shared a video that one man took with his phone outside of a shopping mall. The video shows a mother pull her 3-year-old son by the hair and then hit him in the face with a computer. The man who shot the video, Edward, joined the show. He explained that he heard a child screaming while he was in the store, and that’s when she noticed the woman dragging the child by his hair.


Dr Jennifer Ashton said every parent knows that there are times that a child will push you to your breaking point. She said the though that goes through her mind at that time is “this is what separates a human being from an animal. The ability to rationally think you are bigger, you are stronger.” She said you should never use physical force on a child to prove your point.

The Drs: Dangers Of Physical Punishment For Kids

Studies have come out of the American Academy of Pediatrics that show physical punishment is not good for your kid and can lead to problems later on. Dr Travis Stork said there was a clear disconnect between knowing what child abuse truly is because the woman had to know that other people were around. It makes you wonder what she does to the child when she’s inside her own home.

Authorities say that Edward did the exact right thing. The Victorville Police Department released the following statement after receiving the video: “[Deputies] identified the woman in the video… and made contact with her at her Victorville home. [They] examined the child for injuries, conducted a criminal interview with [the woman], and notified Children & Family Services. The case is being submitted to the District Attorney’s Office.”


If you’re engaging in a behavior with your child and you think if someone was filming it, it would be inappropriate, that means it is. Do you think Edward did the right thing by filming the encounter and submitting it to authorities?

The Drs: Boy Growing Up In the Buff

The Doctors then moved on to talk about the 15-month-old boy in China who has spent the last year of his life running around completely naked. It’s called “wolf parenting” and the boy’s dad has said it will boost the boy’s immune system and create a healthy, more balanced child. There’s no proof that being naked at a young age can up the body’s ability to fight off infection, but is there some merit to this parenting technique?

Dr Ashton said there are plenty of babies all over the world that don’t wear clothing and some use the technique to toilet train kids when they’re older. Dr Rachael Ross said it could be awkward for the little boy to go around being the only naked one, which means other people are constantly looking at him.

The Drs: Teaching Children About Death

Continuing their discussion of children, The Doctors brought up parents having to explain death their children, especially one young boy after his goldfish had died. A video shows the little boy flushing his fish down the toilet and then crying once he realized the fish was gone.

Dr Ashton said there are some amazing books out there for children of all ages to help them cope with death. Dr Ashton said it’s important to never use terms like “put them to sleep” with children, because then they’ll be afraid to go to sleep. You also shouldn’t lie to your kids, because eventually they’ll catch you in it. She suggested using terms like “their body stopped working.” You can also use that time to tie in your religion.

Have you had to teach a child about death? How did you go about it?


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