The Drs: Toddler Goes Rock Climbing + Arrested Over Selfies


The Doctors: Mentally Ill Man Causing Chaos In The Streets

The Doctors kicked off their October 8 episode, by sharing a disturbing cellphone video of a 22-year-old naked man under the influence of a controlled substance, causing absolutely chaos in the middle of a street. The man kept approaching people and trying to get in their cars, and even after being hit and tased by a police officer, continued to walk around. There was an immediate question of whether he was on something, but it was a dangerous situation for both the man and everyone around him. If you’re ever out there and notice someone behaving bizarrely, don’t engage or it can escalate.


The Doctors explained that the police can either try to stop the person verbally, with grip or by grabbing them, or with weapons like a baton or a taser. Dr Jennifer Ashton said police officers are not doctors which means they haven’t dealt with mentally unstable people who are combative, so the way they look at a situation, is very different. Dr Stork said he feels bad for police officers in a situation like that because “nothing they do is going to look pretty.”

The Drs: Toddler Goes Rock Climbing + Arrested Over Selfies

The Doctors talked with a mother who takes her toddler rock climbing with her, about whether the activity is truly too dangerous for such a small child. (mariachily / Flickr)

The Doctors heard from the individual’s mother that he is suffering from a mental illness and is being treated for it.


The Doctors: Mom Takes Toddler Rock Climbing

The Doctors then wanted to talk about a mother Morgan, who took her 3-year-old rock climbing. Some parents are calling it child endangerment, whereas others, Dr Travis included, think it’s neat. Morgan shared that she wasn’t surprised by the controversy because she knows people will criticize things they don’t understand. Morgan said they know what their doing and they are very safe while climbing. Dr Drew Ordon applauded Morgan for taking her child outside but thinks the activity itself is too risky for a child that young.

Dr Travis said kids are hanging upside down on a playground 10 ft high, but Dr Ordon said rock climbing is far more dangerous than a jungle gym. Dr Ashton said, as a mom, you can’t judge other parents and their children, because very few people would willingly put their children at risk. Do it right, do it safely, and you’re fine, was the main message for this segment.

Would you take your child rock climbing? Do your children participate in activities that could be considered dangerous?

The Doctors: Arrested After Posting Stupid Selfies

The Doctors then wanted to talk about a woman who took a picture of herself riding a tortoise, explaining that she got a lot of likes and attention when it went viral. The problem, is that it also got the attention of authorities, so she is now facing five years in jail. Tortoises are endangered animals which means they are protected by law, and by riding the tortoise, she was committing a criminal activity. Along the same lines, a man posted a selfie on Facebook, showing him biting a large wad of cash. He posted the picture after he stole the money from a bank, and the authorities saw it and he’s now facing criminal charges.


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