The Drs: Pregnant Sword Swallower + Child Growth Disorder


The Drs: Pregnant Sword Swallower

The Doctors shared the shocking video of a pregnant woman who is a stage performer who swallows swords. The woman never attempted to swallow a sword while carrying her first child, but then another pregnant sword swallower gave her some advice, telling her that it won’t hurt the baby, she just has to take necessary precautions. She uses a shorter blade, but it’s still 14 inches long.

Dr Travis Stork pretended to swallow a sword before talking about why it’s not safe. Dr Jennifer Ashton said if the mother lacerates herself, it’s obviously bad for the pregnancy. Dr Drew Ordon pointed out that anything could shift a little. The Doctors shared that there have been 29 deaths from people trying to swallow swords.


The Drs: Swallowing Swords

Dr Rachael Ross said it could be a matter of economics, because the woman could be afraid to take off of work. Dr Ordon said she was “rationalizing an irrational act.” Dr Ross said it’s dangerous and she shouldn’t be doing it, simple as that.

The Drs: Growth & Development Issues In Kids

The Drs: Pregnant Sword Swallower + Child Growth Disorder

The Doctors discussed how you can tell if your child has a growth development issue. (KreativKolors /


The Doctors then moved on to talk about how you can tell if your child is growing normally. Dr Travis Stork explained that Max was just 2 years old when his mom thought his failure to grow was something to be concerned about. Erin, Max’s mom, came from a family of late bloomers, so she wasn’t too worried about Max, but she became alarmed when Max fell of the curve and started having health issues.

Max couldn’t keep up with his classmates or even his younger brother. Just last year, he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency.

The Drs: Child Growth Disorders

Dr Freda Lewis-Hall joined The Doctors, as well as Erin, who shared that Max is about to turn 5 and the growth hormone treatment has helped him grow. Dr Lewis-Hall said it’s good that Erin took early action, because that can lead to better results. Dr Lewis-Hall said that while most growth problems can be treated, timing is critical.

She said it’s incredibly important for parents to have a sharp eye on the growth and development of their kids. Dr Tanya Altmann said it’s important for parents to take their kids for regular wellness checkups at their pediatrician. She said that height and weight are very good indicators of a child’s overall development and health.

The Drs: Factors Of Child Growth Issues

Factors that contribute to height and weight include genetics, gender, nutrition, physical activity, and hormones. All of those can vary greatly from family to family. If you look at a growth chart, you want to see a consistent pattern over time to see that a child is growing and developing appropriately.

After age 2, a child should grow at least two inches a year through puberty. If they’re not, that’s a sign there may be a possible growth disorder. Growth disorders can occur for a lot of reasons, one being a problem with the pituitary gland, which is in the base of the brain. Deficiency of or even excessive hormones can contribute to growth issues. A child’s growth rate may signal a problem with a child’s heart, kidneys, or emotions. Growing too tall too fast can also be a sign of a growth disorder.

The Drs: How To Measure Your Child

To properly measure the growth of your children, use a flat surface, remove their shoes, and have them stand with their feet flat against the wall. Make sure they keep their legs straight, arms at their sides, and shoulders level, and tell them to look straight ahead. Also pay attention to how fast your child is growing out of shoes and clothes and pay attention to things like motor skills, speech, and balance.

If you think something is wrong with your child’s growth, talk to your pediatrician, who may refer you to an endocrinologist. Erin said to seek support and utilize social media to find other parents going through the same thing.


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